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All Repairs Covered By Warranty! We always use Diamond Blade Saws!

Do you have a Pool Leak? You have come to the right place.

At All Pro Leak Detection, we do only pool leak detection and repair!

We are capable of finding and repairing any leak. If your pool has a broken pipe under the pool or pool deck we will find it. If your pool leak is underwater, we love to swim and our underwater diving experts will find it using the most modern methods to find the leak.
Don’t Let Your Pool Drain You!

Swimming pools can leak from numerous areas inside the pool and out. The most common area is in the plumbing. However, pools can also leak from a crack in the pool, a bad seal around the skimmer, a broken skimmer, a light conduit or many other areas.

At All Pro Leak Detection, we offer affordable and precise pool leak detection services throughout the Dallas metroplex. If your pool is losing more than an inch of water a day, you more than likely have a leaking swimming pool. Using specialized techniques our leak detection specialist will locate your underground leak within a few feet of where your pool is leaking from. First, we will do a pressure test and see if your plumbing holds pressure, if not we will identify where your pool is leaking. We will also perform dye testing on all areas you could be losing water from. From finding an underground leak to repairing an underground leak, we have you covered. When quality is what you are looking for, look no further. All Pro Leak Detection is the specialist you need.


Your Pool or Spa may have a leak if:

1. Water loss exceeds 1″ or more in a 24 hour period.
2. Adding water more frequently.
3. Cracks in the pool deck or surrounding area.
4. Wet spots in the ground near the pool or spa.
5. Surrounding tiles are loose or falling off.
6. Increased algae growth.
7. An increase in the water bill.

Finding a swimming pool leak can sometimes be frustrating. However, repairing the leak can even be a bigger challenge. At All Pro Leak Detection, we not only find your leak but repair them too. Our pool leak detection and repair experts have located and repaired thousands of pools around the Dallas area. We will find and repair your leak too.

The key to Leak detection is to find a company that will stick with it until the problem is located and properly repaired. Our experience and dedication to your satisfaction makes All Pro Leak Detection the best choice for Leak detection.

If you have questions or we can assist you in any way, please contact All Pro Leak Detection at 972-690-4000. If emergency services are needed just let us know.